Arrival and departure information

  • The reception is open 08:00 - 11:00 and 15:00 - 19:00.
  • Check in is from 15:00. If guests are to arrive later than 19:00 we ask they inform us so that an apartment key and note on where to park is left at the reception window, which is located inside the Lodge in the guest lounge.
  • For those arriving by bus/shuttle, please tell us what time your bus arrives; you will be able to ‘store’ luggage in our top entrance if you arrive early. Note if your bus drops you at the Thredbo Information Centre, you can then take the village bus #2 up to Kasees.
  • Check out is by 09:30. This includes exiting your vehicle from the driveway.
  • Due to cleaning requirements, we are not able to accept early check in or late check out.
  • Additional payment will be requested from guests for: any damage to apartments and fittings, furnishings, equipment; damage to communal lodge areas; loss of apartment or ski/board keys or locks; any additional cleaning or maintenance required if an apartment is left in a dirty or damaged condition.


  • Kasees Lodge accommodates 32 guests when full. We ask that guests respect that the communal guest lounge is for the enjoyment of all. For this reason, large gatherings are discouraged and we ask that breakfast, lunch and dinner are not consumed in the lounge.
  • We ask that guests who invite friends into the Lodge (who are staying elsewhere in the village) mention this to reception; Kasees guests have priority in the guest lounge.
  • The BBQ is operational but as it is a communal facility we ask all guests to clean and tidy up thoroughly after use, using the cleaning materials provided, use rubbish and recycling bins, and practice good hygiene. If necessary, please report the state of the BBQ gazebo to reception.
  • We ask that if your ski / board / hiking / biking clothing is DRY at the end of a day, you hang it in your room rather than store in the drying room (however all ski and board boots must still be stored in the drying room at all times). If WET, clothing and other footwear can be stored in the drying room.
  • Kasees has central heating but also provides bar heaters in all apartments. Please consider energy use and turn off heaters when leaving the apartment. Please do not place clothing on bar heaters.
  • We are generally not able to provide storage of luggage; the exception being for bus and air travellers (if they arrive before 15:00 or depart after 09:30) - storage will be in the top entrance.
  • It is not necessary for you to bring bottled water. Thredbo water is treated and is some of the best tasting tap water in Australia. The only exception may be after heavy rain. Bring a refillable water bottle. PLEASE TAKE ACTION ON PLASTICS - REFUSE REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE